Drei wichtige Bausteine für ein ausgewogenes Leben

Short introduction of Ausgewogen! in English

My name is Friederike Meyerhof, I am living in Hamburg Eilbek and I am offering you my nutrition consultation services also in English.

The name of my consultation is
Ausgewogen! Ernährung Bewegung Bewusstsein

This means in English:
Balanced! Nutrition Exercise Mindset

A healthy diet does not only include the quality and quantity of nutrition itself, but also the factors “exercise” and “mindset”. Only if these three pillars are considered and respected equally, you can achieve a long-lasting wellbeing and good health.
That is why my consultation is not a standard nutrition consultation. It deals with more than that. It is meant to support you to find your individual, balanced life style by working on your nutrition, exercise and mindset.

So, if ..

– You want to change your way of eating
– You are unhappy with your weight
– You have questions regarding food, beverages, nutrients or digestion
– You would like to exercise more but don`t know how and when
– You are not sure what kind of exercise would have a positive effect on you
– You want to get a better understanding of the variety of food and what the food
market offers you as customer
– You feel lost as customer in the food jungle and need some guidance

Please, contact me! I would love to help you with my expertise.

My strengths are your advantages

– I listen to you
– I offer an individual consultation – respecting your needs and your pace
– We work together, step by step, on realistic solutions and improvements
– I don’t represent a special food style like veganism, so I won’t force anything on you
– My consultation is mostly based on the DGE guidelines
(German Institute for
– I am flexible regarding a meeting point within Hamburg

I am offering you a first welcome consultation free of charge! Even with the current Corona Virus regulations it is possible to come together – either online or outside. I am convinced that we will find a suitable solution. And as soon as there are less restrictions we have several other meeting options within Hamburg. We could for example meet in a quiet Café, in your home or at your work place.

If you have questions regarding my consultation or myself please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to help!

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Friederike Meyerhof

My consultation prices are:

Welcome consultation
20 minutes
free of charge!

Individual consultation
45 minutes
45 €


Diet analysis of 1 week 

50 €

Pack of 3 consultations
45 minutes
120 € 

(40€ per consultation)

Pack of 5 consultations
45 minutes
175 € 

( 35€ per consultation)

Diet schedule for one week

 € 40 €